Sunday, April 19, 2020


This week, our 4th ESO students have invented/adapted fairy tales for younger students at school.

First they have used a templated to prepare and settle their ideas and then they have recorded the video using many different programs. Here you have their excellent result! 

Enjoy it

THE PARCHMENT: Quim, Joan, Arnau and Nil

FAIRIES IN THE FOREST by Alba, Joana and Helena

by Paula, Alba A, Laia and Alba C

A BIG DREAM. By Xavier, Albert, Marc and Jan 

BE YOURSELF by Laura, Maria, Arnau and Pol

St. GEORGE LEGEND by Arlet, Sofia, Aina and Júlia

TOYS by Laia, Mar and Mahé

Saturday, April 18, 2020


Who says that our boys and girls don't help at home?

This week we have been revising vocabulary about HOUSEHOLD CHORES and they have made these wonderful collages to practise it. 

They are leaning a lot at home these days! #STAYATHOME 


This week our 2nd ESO students have created some riddles 
for everyone at school to play, through our social media.

Can you guess the answers?

Enjoy it!

by Berta, Júlia and Alexia

By Kira, Martí, Núria and Ona

by Óscar, Abel and Gerard

By Iria, Jana, Amalia and Judith

And do also play in these Instagram accounts:

By Esteban, Anna and Helena

By Elsa, Irene, Maia and Marina

Saturday, April 11, 2020



Today everyone is concerned about the same thing, a pandemic, coronavirus or COVID-19, but what can we do while the alarm state is still active? What can we do in our free time?

To start with, you should always take precautions, both when going outside, and indoors. But really this confinement can help many of us, not only to catch up with the classes, but also to spend more time with the family, since many of the students of advanced courses there are times that they only left the room to eat and little else, then during this period of time it can be very entertaining to spend some time playing with the family, for example playing a Monopoly in the afternoon or basically hooking up together to a series or to watch movies.

Another of the many things that can be done is basically sports, although you may not have the necessary material to carry out certain exercises, you can look to adapt by changing, for example, some weights for a bottle with soil or with water itself, or easier than all that. , do sports without material, only your body and the ground.

You can also take advantage of this time to try new things, or read that book that you have had on the shelf for years and years and you have never had the desire or the time to read it.

In short, this quarantine can be very fun and entertaining, as long as you look at everything with a positive side, and seek to entertain yourself with whatever. And remember #stayathome.

2nd BATX A



These times are difficult for everyone, as we already know we are in confinement, that means we can't leave the house (only important things like going to buy or take the dog out). We can take advantage of the time that we are at home for different things that we don’t do in a normal day.

In my confinement I’m doing productive things like sport, I help my parents to clean the house or cook, I have time to watch movies that I always want to see, finish these series I never end... 

But I always have many hours when I have nothing to do and this situation is very difficult for me, my family and all the people. But it is what we have to do for our security and to help all the doctors, nurses, police officers, volunteers and all  the persons helping to fight this virus.As we can’t thank them for everything they are doing for us at eight o'clock night, all of Spain joins in applause addressed to them.It is curious that thanks to this I have been able to meet the neighbor of the other street, after the applause we start a conversation and we play games like “watch watch” (veo veo) with other neighbors, it is very funny we also add on Instagram each other. I greet other neighbors on the street opposite and I don't know them of nothing but the part I like more is that they are very cute old people.

We have to take this situation the best we can. For us and the family at house. We are going to have time to join with friends, go restaurants or go for a walk.


3rd ESO

CONFINEMENT David E. (2nd batx A)


This word has been repeated all these unusual weeks because of this virus called COVID-19. You don’t know when confinement will finish. You don’t know if you will stop working. You don’t know if you will pass it easily or not. That’s a problem. Confinement is bringing the best of us at home, but the worst is happening outside. So, what are your plans then? I’m going to explain my personal thoughts and objectives.

What are you doing now at home? How are you distracting or developing your brain or body? I have to say that those who must have all organized have a problem. As I said at the beginning, Covid-19 doesn’t let us know any date or any calculation about its duration, its contagion, etc. 

Nevertheless, you can organize your time in the day. If I had to choose one idea for you would be: Organize every single day of your confinement as you will not go out anymore. 

Another idea would be: move and let your brain move, don’t be lazy because you have to take advantage of your time. That should help you to create personal objectives that you haven’t had time to do yet. Personally, I have some objectives that I want to reach these days as I have more time for myself: the first one would be learning something new every day,getting new information, more ideas that help you in your life, and every day comes to my mind something I don’t know and I work for it. 

The second one is having fun with your family, take some hours to do activities with your family, if you’re lucky to be with them, play board games, mimics, puzzles or whatever you like. 

My third objective is doing exercise, take your time to think what you want to accomplish. For example, I want to focus on my legs because having strong legs will help me to accomplish my objective to jump more. 

The fourth objective, try new things like playing the piano, playing the guitar, learn how to sew or start dancing, will be funnier and interesting. 

Finally, being informed and communicating with your friends is a good way to keep distracting and having fun.

In conclusion, you can’t be lazy. Organizing your day is very important to reach your objectives and learn because you want, not just for school marks, exams, etc. You must have your time to try and experience new things. 

2nd BATX A



As everyone should do, I’m spending these days at home because of the coronavirus. It’s hard for me and for almost everyone to stay home and not be able to see our friends and family in a long time, but these days we have to follow the rules. It’s not only for ourselves. We have to protect the ones we have around and the ones we love.

I sometimes get bored and stressed because I don’t know what else to do. Then I normally do exercise or draw. I love drawing. It’s one of my passions and it relaxes me a lot.

During these days of quarantine I’m trying to distract with anything. I’m doing a lot of exercise by watching videos in youtube and copying them. I’m also watching series on Netflix and drawing my favourite characters on paper. Then I will hang them on the wall of the room. In the morning I do the homework so I have the afternoon to do whatever I want. There are some days that I help with the home tasks or I organize my room. I’m also baking a lot. I bake cookies, pancakes, crepes or cakes. At night I normally watch a lot of Netflix and I also eat some popcorn. I go to sleep really late and I wake up every morning around 12 a.m. except the days that I have to do a lot of homework. Every Monday we have tutoring with the teacher. It’s cool because we can talk with our classmates and see if something is wrong.
And the coolest part… I do a lot of facetimes with my friends! I miss them so much.

In my opinion this period of time is helping us to value all the moments we live and to appreciate every second of our lives with the ones we love. Because we don’t know when these great moments are going to end. We also have to appreciate the great work that many workers are doing to save our lives.

This virus is helping the nature someway, to live again, and that makes me so happy. I’m sure this is going to finish really soon. We just have to keep on and stay safe.

Arlet Arànega 
4th ESO