Sunday, October 13, 2019


Climate indifference

Lately, everything we hear about is climate change. Wherever. Whenever. But for how long will we keep listening news about it? If Greta keeps talking, for very, very long.

“The climate crisis has already been solved. We already have all the facts and solutions” said Greta in her TED Talk in Stockholm. 

So, then what’s the problem with the climate crisis? The indifference from the biggest companies which pollute, the indifference government shows for the problems this crisis is generating, because even when solutions are given, they still don’t do anything because of saving economy and their own interests.

Because it is the sufferings of the many which pay for the luxuries of the few, whose indifference kills the world.

Maria Maroto Amigó

Wednesday, October 9, 2019


Greta Thunberg is a Swedish environmental activist on climate change. She’s a sixteen-year-old girl who is constantly inspiring people, children as well as adults, and it’s changing the point of view of a big part of the entire world. She has become a global icon.
It’s necessary to have people like her in the world, because we need to take part and stop global warming. Nowadays, climate change is one of the most serious problems in our planet, and affects every single person who lives in it. Furthermore, if the earth temperature continues to rise, there will be more droughts and heat waves, hurricanes will become stronger, sea level will rise, ice will melt, and above all, many plant and animal species will be in an increasing danger of extinction. Consequently, they will die. Do we really want this to happen? Would we like to see all our animals dead? Do we have to stand still without doing anything to help? No, of course not. We all must act, right now. If we don’t do anything, the situation will get worse. In the future, we could regret that we did nothing to help, but then it would be too late to act.
In brief, we have less and less time to solve this enormous problem. Therefore, we need to do something to give the new generations a better and safer planet to live in. Personally, I’m so grateful that there are people like Greta, who doesn’t want not only to hope but act, although there are some people that don’t mind this disaster.
“All we have to do is wake up and change” - Greta Thunberg.

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Tuesday, October 8, 2019



Last week we saw a TED talk that Greta Thunberg, a 16-year-old activist, made about climate change and how we have to solve it as soon as possible.
She said that our planet is getting worse and worse and nobody is doing anything to change. Since adults are not taking any risks, our generation is.
My opinion about this conference is quite mixed. I do agree with what she says, it is really good that younger people are making actions and trying to change our planet.          I like the fact that nowadays youth is more conscious about this situation and are willing to do anything to deal with it.
And not only teenagers, in fact, a lot of adults are making actions right now, and that is one of the things that Greta says that I don’t agree. I do think that older people, not a lot (that’s what we have to change) are creating NGOs, associations and are collecting money to plant more trees, cleaning our seas to make the Earth a great place.
Another thing that I would like to talk about is the fact that, right now, Greta has so much power over a lot of people that I think that she could do so much more that just conferences and TED talks. She’s saying that we all have to do something about our planet and I agree with her, actions are better than words. She has to put that into practice and start getting involved with more associations, movements or just do little things for the Earth that, at the end of the day it will help a lot, instead of talking about the same topic over and over again.

Greta is very intelligent with what she is doing and I really think that if the made more actions for our planet, she would have a much bigger impact on people and be cooler than she already is.

4th ESO



Climate change is a huge problem and it can be caused by various activities.
When climate change occurs, temperature rises drastically and many different things occur on Earth, for example floods, droughts, or intense rain, as well as more frequent and severe heat waves. Oceans and glaciers have also experienced some changes, oceans warm up while glaciers melt down. But actually, which is the cause? Well, we are. 

During the past century, human activities have released large amounts of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere which are the principal cause of the climate change. Most of the gases come from burning fossil fuels to produce energy. Greenhouse gases are like a blanket around the Earth, trapping energy in to the atmosphere and slowly warming it up.

Sadly we are reaching a point of no return and in a matter of years it could end up being catastrophic and even end up in another ice age, which would cause an almost complete destruction. 
Still we shouldn’t lose hope, there are some things we can do to prevent that (or at least try) like recycling, not wasting energy, using public transport, taking care of the forest and even planting trees etc. Small things that if we all did could end up making a huge impact on our future!
It is also really important to take the innitiative so more people all over the world can take part on stopping the climate change.

Lastly I would like to make an especial mention to Greta Thunberg, a 16 years old known for being the biggest climate change activist of all time. I hope people can learn more about the issue while listening to her!

4th ESO

Sunday, October 6, 2019


From 20th - 27th September 
we have worked to make everyone aware 
of how important it is to fight to preserve our planet. 

We have done different activities 

Here you have some of them.





Nowadays cell phones are  very important devices for us that we bring them with us in every moment in our life. We can even say that now if you don’t have a cell phone or a social media, you’re nobody. But isn’t it affecting us in a bad way? Of course!

First of all we have to know that cell phones have been dispersed all around the world in a very short place of time, and as it has been a great bang in our lives, nowadays most of the teenagers have and use a cell phone in a very early age. Obviously this is not a good thing, because now a large percentage of students use their cell phone in class and this is affecting their studies and prejudicing every school education system.

Also, this affects our social communication with other people, because phones have become a way to close out from others and help to form an invisible wall that isolates us from things that happen all around us. The worst thing about this is that we don’t notice it and if we don’t do anything to stop the over-using of cell phones we are going to end texting each other even if we are next to them.

In second place, cell phones have materially affected language above all social media. These days, it's a common thing to see teenagers and even adults write "LOL" or "srsly" instead of expressing themselves with the entire word and its meaning. I’m not trying to say that this is a bad thing, because scientists say that the abbreviation of words could become habitual and spill into our normal conversations. But the future is imminent so we don’t know fully what is going to happen… 

Finally also cell phones affect our health in a very dangerous and bad way, the first and biggest health risk we could take with a cell phone is to use it while driving. Because there have been lots of car accidents because of using a cell phone, so we have to end it as soon as possible. Other health risks are that also cell phones emit low-level radiation every time we use it and we don’t notice it, however, the radiation potentially purposes use a risk of causing tumor growth if we are exposed to use it a lot.

So apart from the immense possibilities that cell phones give to us, we have to keep in mind that it also prejudices us in a lot of different ways that can affect us in a bad way. Use cell phones in a good and secure way!

4th ESO

Friday, September 27, 2019



Social networks are becoming every day more important in our daily life. We don’t just use them to meet new people with who we share interests, activities, origins or connections. We also use them to talk to people we have in our closest environment. But do they make us anti-social?
First of all, I must clarify what the term anti-social actually refers to: unwilling or unable to associate in a normal or friendly way with other people. That’s the first definition we get when we look for “anti-social meaning” on Google. So, my answer is very clear: social networks AREN’T anti-social.

When we use social media, we interact with many other users. For example, on Instagram we can share our own photos and stories, like, comment, answer to others, tag, message and follow everyone we want to. Obviously, this isn’t such as real as communicating face-to-face and, of course I’m sure that if we didn’t follow that amount of people on Instagram, we wouldn’t know about them for years and life would keep walking by. That makes me kind of sad and dependable of Instagram, but it doesn’t mean make me anti-social, because I can keep talking to people face-to-face and also, talk to people I don’t necessarily see every day. Social media gives us a lot of content to comment and share with our friends and followers, which sometimes, opens discussions. In fact, they allow us to talk from, literally, any part of the world.

I have a friend who is staying in Perú for two months and social media are a free way to communicate with her. I mean, you only need Internet and an application that works, but that’s everything. That facilitates so much communicating with her, and I’m sure her family appreciates it a lot. And not just that…, you can also become friends with someone you would have never met in real life through Internet.

I can tell, by my own experience, that social media gives us the chance to make new friends and meet people. I joined Twitter many years ago and there I met online people from all ages which shared interests with me, such as following a concrete artist which no one near me followed. That’s what we call “Internet Friends”: people you meet online who you become friends with. For sure it is dangerous, and my mum has always warned me about people I’ve talked to, but if I hadn’t met as many people as I have thanks to social media, my life would be so different now. I mean, I’ve listened many times to the quote “Distance means nothing when someone means everything” and social media do really maintain us connected with people all around the world! Isn’t that something amazing?

However, it’s everyone’s decision whether to meet a friend and talk face-to-face to them or to keep looking at their phone-screen; it’s not Twitter’s election. It’s you who decides to use less or more a social media, even when it is obvious, they are a vice. It’s you who decides to write a stranger a message or to avoid them at all costs. It’s actually you, who is anti-social.

And there’s a thing you can’t deny: social media allow us to have someone near us when we are really, really far away. And that’s simply unbelievable.

Maria Maroto Amigó
2nd BTX “A”