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Image result for little einsteins“Little Einsteins” is a cartoon series released in 2005 that has made a change in  the mornings of the Disney Channel (previously broadcast on Clan TV). The program is broadcast daily around 8:00 and allows, during the 25 minutes of each episode, children can experience many adventures that start in their characters. “Little Einsteins” was created by Eric Weiner and during the two seasons it gives a message to the public motivating them to participate in the challenges proposed in each episode. 

“Little Einsteins” gathers the adventures of its four protagonists (June, Quincy, Leo and Annie), four-year-old children who own a ship with which they travel to different places to fulfill numerous missions that they must solve. To complete each mission, they need the help of the spectators, through the questions they must solve or by contributing the ideas that the characters need to advance. The fiction stands out for the inclusion of real images of  the sites to which its protagonists travel, stopping at different aspects of reality to show them to the public. There are times when the characters of “Little Einsteins” meet The Great Reactor, a ship that makes it difficult and tries not to meet the  objectives that lie ahead.

This is the proposal of a mission that involves the viewers in each episode, as if it was a game in which the protagonists must live a great adventure. That is the excuse to invite children to follow their plots, which hide various aspects that are aimed at the public discovering the world that exists around them.

Music, art or places on the planet are some of the points that focus on the episodes of “Little Einsteins”, which seeks the interaction of viewers so that they think and respond to the enigmas that their protagonists face. The adventures of the series put real images, through which are discovered places or monuments that exist in reality, and paintings taken from some famous paintings, which have a great role in their plots.
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The decision that “Little Einsteins” is carried out by four children causes that the companionship and the friendship are very present in the series, outstanding values ​​that could well be imitated by the children during the development of their time of game. This union conveys the importance of teamwork, showing the positive consequences that are extracted from the collaboration between several people. “Little Einsteins” also aims to develop the imagination of the little ones, thanks to the ingenuity that most of their adventures give off.

I watched this series when I was two years old and I followed watching it because this was my favorite series. I’ve seen the episodes again and again and I bought their dolls. Although I grow and my tastes change, it will be one of my favorite series always. I wouldn’t live without “Little Einsteins”.

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