Sunday, December 2, 2018

What does richness mean? Ariadna M. (2n ESO)


According to the dictionary the meaning of richness is:
Richness is an abundant sum of goods, of valuable things or a
stock of economic goods available to a subject or a society.
But is that the real meaning of richness?  For me NO.

Richness is linked to abundance but is not always the money you have on your bank account, the number of homes you have or the companies that you are leading. There is another meaning of richness and that is for me the most important one.

Material richness, therefore, is the possession or control of numerous assets and goods. This richness is created when a productive or commercial process generates more money than which was used initially.
Richness is opposed to poverty. The rich one has money and material means to satisfy their needs and to consume goods that are not essential, but the poor one has difficulties in health services and food.

Sentimental richness is usually associated with happiness. Those who are emotionally strong get true happiness and lasting success for all their lives. Emotionally rich people have:

They are sure of their value as people and they don’t need the public to approve their actions. These people don’t need attention and they are satisfied with themselves.

It is the ability of a person to overcome an adverse situation. 
They know how to control their reactions.

3-Looking forward
They don’t waste their energy trying to convince someone else 
that they deserve their attention. They are looking to improve

These people wake up wanting to enjoy their day the maximum.
They don’t miss 

These people control their emotions. They chose the thoughts,
 the emotions and the answer instead of acting basing on fear.

In conclusion, I think that the emotional richness should be more valued that material 
richness. Because in this way we will be better persons and the world will be
 much better.

Ariadna Martín
2n ESO

Friday, November 30, 2018

What does richness really mean? Nerea H. (2n ESO)

This sentence means that this life is short, and you have to make the most of your time in it, because if you only give importance to making money you won’t have time to make fun of it.

Life was created to enjoy all the things that we have. The meaning of happiness is not having the most expensive clothes of the market, it’s the feeling that you have in your heart while you’re with the people which you love (friends, family…) or maybe when you win a competition of the sport that you’ve been practicing very hard. 

If you’ve got a family that loves you and it takes care of you, a few of good friends, food on the table, a roof where you can stay in and a school to learn these things, you are the richest person of the world no matter the money you have, more than what you think.

If you are a rich person in terms of money but you don’t have feelings, you don’t know what happiness is because you don’t appreciate what you have, because you always want more and more, and you don’t know the quantity of people that is living in bad situations because of the wars and they need to escape of their houses.

Everyone has the same importance in this world, no one is rich no one is poor, we’ve got 24 hours a day each and we will be dead sooner or later.
A sentence which I like a lot is that “We live in a strange world where the poor walk miles to get food, and the rich walk miles to digest all the food”.

And this sentence has all the reason and the sense, because we live in a society which being a rich person means having more superiority by having more servants than others and by having big/expensive clothes that other people might don’t have.

The things that I like doing in my free time are: hanging out with my friends  and going together to the “Starbucks” but I also like taking photos with them. Although I also like having family dinners which I see my cousin that lives far away and I can tell him my little secrets.                                                                                                                        

Nerea Haro Garrido
2n ESO

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

What does richness really mean? Marc G. (2n ESO)

True happiness brings more richness 
than all the money of the world

This is the beautiful quote that I have chosen for this composition:

The creator of this phrase is Mahatma Gandhi.

As far as I’m concerned, Gandhi is very popular because when you search him in Google we can see lots of phrases from him.

I couldn’t  agree more with the quote because it is very true, happiness brings a lot of richness (more than money).

I reckon that happiness can be found everywhere and anytime.
For example, I was very happy when last year we all went skiing, that was my first time so I was a little bit scared when I had to go down a hill, but, I got it!!!
That was one of my favourite experiences.

Another thing that makes you very happy is Christmas!! We all love Christmas because we get lots of presents and all the family is met.

Finally, this quote also made me think because when I thought about the Christmas Happiness, I reckoned that in that period, there are families asking for money or people that are worried about the wars that are taking part in their cities so, as far as I’m concerned during this period there shouldn’t be wars, poorness… 

We saw a video talking about these problems where people are fighting and a soldier that isn’t armed says that it is Christmas and then both sides play together and have a nice day.

This is real richness!

2n ESO

What does richness really mean? Frida L. (2n ESO)

Life is a dream for the wise, a game for the fool, a comedy for the rich and a tragedy for the poor.

This sentence is from a Jewish Russian comedian and writer, called Sholom Aliechem. This sentence stood out for me because I think it is very real.

“Wise people live a dream”: because they know what they will do and they know what they want.

“A game for the fool”: I like this part because I think that it is very real, if you don’t do your responsibilities you can end very badly.

“A comedy for the rich”: these are strong words, I think that rich people live in another world from the other people because they don’t have the same point of view as others.

And “a tragedy for the poor” : that’s the total opposite of the other part. Poor people need the help of everyone to get a better world for all of us. It’s a tragedy because if poor people are in a war they can’t evacuate because they don’t have money.

This sentence touched my heart because every category of people in this sentence needs the other one to get a better world. The fool need the wise and the poor need the rich.

2n ESO

Monday, November 5, 2018


El Collell 2018: 
The strength (and the disconnection) I needed

This last week we have spent three days in El Collell, a camp house located near Banyoles. We have achieved many challenges that our instructors prepared for us, letting us overcome fears and feel really powerful and motivated. Actually, what this adventure has meant to me is disconnection, happiness and strength, three things that I was needing a lot those days before leaving.
It all started on Wednesday, when we left school at 8.15, as every day. We got into the bus and reminded seated for almost two hours, till we arrived to Banyoles. There we ate our breakfast which, in fact, I left at home -sorry, mum- but that really didn’t matter because some of my friends gave me a piece of theirs -thank you Anna and Cristina-. Then, we got into the bus again and we finally arrived to El Collell, where we met our instructors: Cati, Eider, Pablo, Andreu and Pau. We settled in our rooms, which I shared with Maria, and listened to the house rules.
After having lunch, our adventure started. We had the chance of trying to drive some quads. I was the first one trying them and, as expected, I smashed into the secure pneumatics. Luckily we just tried two laps in the circuit…, because I would have smashed many more times if we stayed more time driving quads!
After that we answered a questionnaire so our teachers get to know us better. Even though it was much more difficult than I expected, I finished it and later on, we did some activities with out instructors: archery, laser tag and horse-riding (more specifically we rode mares). All of them were so funny and interesting to try, but, without a doubt, my favourite was riding the mares, because I hadn’t ridden one since I was a child and because we also had the chance of seeing the different animals they had in the house (pigs, rabbits, more mares and some donkeys).
The evening arrived and with it, some free time for us, in which we had a shower and then, dinner. After eating, we went to the forest to play a night game, which consisted in finding three of the instructors who were hidden, only listening to their whistles. I only found one of the three, who was lying on the ground, which for me looked like a body… Finally it resulted to be a person... Even so, I had a lot of fun. We returned to the house and went to sleep.
Next morning, our day started with the breakfast. Then I went to cycling into the mountain, an activity that left all of us exhausted. We cycled until we arrived to a river which was very, very cold. Nevertheless, I jumped into the river and it was very, very funny! Even though it was tiring, it was a crazy adventure for all of us!
In that afternoon, we went walking into the forest by groups. We had to follow a route with the only help of a compass. It wasn’t difficult and we finished it pretty fast. But the best of all still haven’t arrived by then.
That last night, we lost our voices. After having dinner, we went to theatre and we sang in the karaoke. It was the great time there! I went onto stage to sing (or maybe to shout) two songs with some friends: A Quien Le Importa and Yo Te Esperaré. I have to say I had already lost my voice in the second song of the karaoke… Then we went to the disco and we danced for more than an hour to a lot of different songs! Now I see that it has become, undoubtedly, a night to remember.
On Friday, I woke up not willing to leave, and after the morning I had, my desire grew. We went to an Adventure Park where we had to achieve and overcome some challenges, which were scaring to me. We even jumped in tiro-lines there, and it ended up being a fantastic experience! I remember I finished it saying “I have survived!”, hahaha. Actually, with all the security it had, I would have never died there…
We also played some cooperative games to help each other with our classmates and we had a lot of fun! The activities were pretty simple, but we had to work together to achieve them.

Finally, we had lunch and we said goodbye to those adventures we had lived. I cannot put into words how amazing this was! I would repeat this experience once again and again…, because it meant to me overcoming challenges and I felt really motivated, powerful and happy, even though I ended up really tired. I can say it has been one of the best experiences I’ve ever had, because you don’t always have the chance of trying all of these activities! I just want to say thank you for letting me live this experience.

Maria Maroto Amigó
1st BTX “A”

JORNADES CHALLENGES. El Collell. Maria V. (1st BATX B)

El Collell
What crazy days have we gone through… It all started with an almost two hours trip by bus and a stop in Banyoles. The bus was not that bad but being sit with a guitar between my legs was a little bit tiring. The stop in Banyoles was a need, we all could stretch our legs and have a hot coffee, which was sooo nice.
The day kept going and we arrived to el Collell. It was my first time there because I wasn’t in the school when my classmates went in 2n ESO, my first impression of the house was that it was much bigger than I thought, I figured I get lost. We had a regular lunch and we met for the first activities. The instructors divided us in two groups, class A and class B, my class (B) went to a football field meanwhile the class A was doing cool activities.
We made an activity later with our teachers where we had to comment about other students, I understand why we did it but I felt a little bit bad while doing it.
Later we had our last activity of the day: BTT ( I wasn’t conscient about what was going to happen). We started and we stopped like in five minutes because someone’s bike wasn’t working, so we had to wait till Pablo brought another one. While I was trying to go down in the way I fell off my bike and I started to laugh, it was unbelievable.
That day we played the guitar a little bit and sang with everyone.
Second day was too fast and the activities we did wasn’t as cool as the third day ones. Maybe my favourite was the team building one, I had to trust on my classmates a lot and that united us a little bit.

There were some activities that I would never do again like the one we did on Friday’s morning on the threes, it was so stressful, I don’t even know how I dared to go up those threes and go between them with only a harness.     
Overall it was an amazing activity where I could decide about my TR theme, at first place I didn’t think I could choose a theme I will be motivated during batxillerat but talking about people and states violating Human’s Rights is a thing that I love, because I can’t with the injustices here in Europe and I think everyone should know what really happens.
As I said, three crazy days with a lot of cool and fun memories. Waiting for the next trip with the school from now on.

Maria Valls

Sunday, November 4, 2018



Last week we were able to return all of the first high school students to Ek Collell, where we were two years ago, and this time it has caused me even more nostalgy to return.

By being able to return to Collell you remember what happened two years ago: all the people who were by your side and are no longer there, because in high school many people changed schools.

 The activities we did were practically the same as when we were: The first day we settled and my class and I did mountain btt; and sincerely, I returned more defeated by the fatigue of what I remembered! It was also a nice time with everyone, up Hill, sweating.

 The second day we did a laser tag; that made me remember how excited we all were to make a laser tag in nature, and now we simply see it as a simple shooting game. We also did quads, and we laughed so much watching people when they got stuck for not driving well …😊

The last day we did activities like horse racing; activities in a relay field; in which we fell; we wallow we laugh ::: the last activity we did was an adventure field; in which a nice group was made in which we were scared if we fell:

Those three days flew by, and I had time to reflect on the need to live the experiences and enjoy them to the fullest, in two years all this will end, each one of us will choose a different path to create his small future, and this little family that remains will disappear. That is why I want to live each moment as the last one; as I have done in the Collell.

1st BATX. B